Crushed Calabrian Chili Paste

Tutto Calabria
Giada’s all-time favorite flavor booster is this crushed chili paste made with the uniquely fruity, spicy peppers from southern Calabria.

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With a mellow, fruity heat that lingers on the palate but won't overwhelm, there's just no substitute for this crushed Calabrian chile paste from Tutto Calabria. The quintessential Italian chile, they are beloved around the country for the lively heat they bring to any dish. Similar in Scoville level to cayenne but with a depth of flavor unlike any other, this paste of fresh chiles crushed and preserved in olive oil is a must-have for any spice lover’s pantry. It’s one of Giada’s essential Italian ingredients.

What makes Calabria so spicy? The sun-soaked region lies in the toe of Italy’s boot, near its southernmost end. Flanked by crystal-blue seas, Calabria gets more than 300 days of sweltering Mediterranean sunshine every year. That heat gets converted to serious spice in the growing chiles, which were introduced to the region by Spanish traders in the 16th century. They caught on quickly, and today, every Italian knows that Calabrian chiles are the best in the world.

Founded in 1970 by husband-and-wife pair Antonio Celli and Adele Sirianni, Tutto Calabria began by selling the vegetables from their garden at local fairs. With headquarters in the hillside town of Marcellinara, the Celli family and Tutto Calabria have been sharing the bounty of their home with the world for more than 50 years. With the motto piccanti per passione (“spicy for passion”), they are truly dedicated chile-lovers.
Calabrian chiles have a considerable heat level with a fruity, slightly smoky finish. They’re so complex and flavorful, this crushed chile paste it can serve as the base for an incredible pasta with just some garlic and olive oil. But don't stop there: Infuse a spoonful in a bottle of olive oil or in honey for an out-of-this-world pizza drizzle. Spread it on panini or add to a marinade for tuna or other fish. A little goes a long way, which means you'll get a thousand and one uses out of this little jar.
Size: 10 oz
Calabrian hot chili peppers, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, white wine vinegar, basil

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