About Your Giadzy Package

Just as we hand-select every item in the Giadzy shop to offer only truly exceptional, best-of-the-best products, we want the shipping experience to feel just as special. Every Giadzy order comes in a gorgeous custom-designed tuck-top box. The cheerful imagery captures the exuberant spirit of Giadzy, and the sturdy reclosable form makes the box easy to open and reuse. 

We’ve heard from many customers that they love to keep their Giadzy boxes for storage in their homes! Should you choose to reuse your Giadzy box, we enclose a plain brown paper sticker in every package to cover up the shipping label.


If you plan on giving a Giadzy kit or any order as a gift, you always have the option of enclosing your Giadzy box within a plain cardboard package to keep it neat and clean during the shipping process. Just select “This is a gift” during the checkout process, and we’ll do the rest. This step is also where you can opt to include a gift note for the lucky recipient to be printed in one of our beautiful custom cards. 

Father's Day Unboxing Gif

Corporate Gifting

For large-scale and corporate gifts, click here. Choose from a variety of curated kits for every taste and budget, or work directly with a Giadzy gifting concierge to build a unique, personalized gift for clients, employees, event guests, and more.

Gift Card

Leave the tough decisions up to your recipient when you give them a Giadzy gift card in the amount of your choice. They’ll be able to use their gift to purchase anything in the Giadzy shop, whether they want to indulge their sweet tooth or stock the pantry with Italian essentials. Gift cards are delivered digitally in the form of an email with a unique code to be redeemed at checkout, reducing the amount of plastic we put into the environment. Learn more here.


We are working toward ecological sustainability. As a result, our packaging continues to evolve as we find better solutions to give you the same beautiful experience with less impact on our planet. We now use biodegradable packing peanuts inside our boxes to safely cushion our products in place of shredded paper. These packing peanuts are made from plant-based starches that are nontoxic, compostable, and dissolve in water rather than sitting in a landfill.

Ideas For Upcycling

In addition to reusing the shipping box, many of our products come in containers that are simply too beautiful to discard. Giada’s love for the ceramic jars that hold Fabbri’s preserved fruit is well-documented—she uses the blue-and-white jars as vases for a little Italian flair around the house. Washed glass jars are great for storage, and tins from Lazzaroni’s amaretti and other cookies can hold pencils, knitting needles, and utensils of all kinds. Our sturdy boxes are fantastic storage solutions all on their own, from stylish cubbies to a chic delivery system for cakes and desserts. We’d love to hear how you reuse your Giadzy packaging!