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Pizza Party Essentials

06 February 2015
by Giadzy
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What's a pizza party without an array of fun toppings? Unleash your inner pizzaolo with these Italian ingredients!

Pizza just might be the most universally beloved Italian dish—who doesn’t love a perfectly chewy, crispy, cheesy slice fresh from the oven? But it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing your toppings. That’s why we put together this month’s mystery box: It’s full of the latest products in the Giadzy shop that we’re absolutely loving on pizza. Let your creativity run free - but if you'd like a bit of inspiration, here's how we like to combine these ingredients!

Get started with your pizza dough (Giada's recipe or storebought!) and let's get to mixing and matching.

passata and olives

Organic Passata plus Leccino Olives

For a truly authentic Neapolitan pizza, the base is always passata: fresh, sweet tomato puree. It's the perfect canvas for just about any topping, but Leccino olives from Rome make a particularly wonderful combo. Add a bit of mozzarella, oregano and freshly grated Parm to the mix for something really wonderful!

Artichoke Spread plus Semi-Dried Tomatoes

Artichokes are prized in Italian cuisine, and one taste of this luxurious artichoke cream will tell you why. So unctuous and decadent, you don't need much of it to get that quintessential Roman artichoke flavor. Either spread it in a thin layer on pizza dough or dollop it on, and get to topping. Semi-dried tomatoes become perfection after cooking on a pizza for just a few minutes: it's going to be the best roasted tomato you've ever tried. Finish with torn burrata or dollops of whole milk ricotta and a sprinkle of flake salt - a drizzle of balsamic wouldn't hurt, either!


Organic Butternut Squash Cream plus Red Pepper Flakes

Get the essence of fall and winter on your pizza with this creamy butternut squash puree! We love giving this the fall treatment with roasted mushrooms, but you can keep it simple. The fruity heat of Italian red pepper flakes is the perfect match to this sweet sauce. Add your favorite cheese (we love smoked mozzarella) and some arugula after baking to really elevate it!




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