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We’re Giving Back to Young Chefs in the Making

29 November 2022
by Giadzy
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Introducing... the Giadzy Culinary Scholarship Fund!

Giving back has always been important to Giada. This year, thanks to the wonderful support of the Giadzy community, she wanted to put her platform to work to make a difference in the world. All things culinary are (of course!) near and dear to her heart, but even more important is supporting young people and providing them the tools to live happy, healthy lives. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Giadzy Culinary Scholarship Fund at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). 

Culinary education is a wonderful tool to help passionate young people gain their footing in a career that can take them literally anywhere. For many people, alternate education programs and vocational studies are a more comfortable fit, and hospitality and kitchen careers can be incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. For those who are creative and passionate about food, a culinary school degree can open doors to incredible opportunity. 

Culinary Institute Of America

For all of these reasons, we’re excited that the Giadzy Culinary Scholarship Fund will support these young people as they take the first step in a new path in life. The Fund will support students at the CIA both financially and with opportunities and experiences that will help them grow their skills. Our goal is to give these students the tools they need to complete their studies and drive a deeper appreciation for culture and health through food. 

As a student at the legendary cooking school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and then as a young cook in L.A., Giada felt the pressure of working in the male-dominated culinary industry. Though things are changing for the better these days, there are still too many barriers that keep people from marginalized backgrounds from pursuing a career in the kitchen. From toxic work environments to lack of access to resources, there are any number of roadblocks that stop talented, enthusiastic young people from pursuing their dreams in food. By helping give culinary students a solid foundation of education, resources, and skills before they step out into the working world, it’s our dream that we can empower the next generation to make professional kitchens a welcoming environment for all.

Giadzy Viral Sensation Gift Box

At the CIA campus in Copia, California, we’ll be popping up with a curated shop of Giadzy products for sale, including our Viral Sensation Box, a hand-selected collection of the most unique foods from across Italy, with bold, memorable flavors that are sure to spark some kitchen inspiration. (Not in Napa? Don’t worry, you can buy it right here!) Every couple of months, the theme of this box will change to reflect the most viral and of-the-moment recipes - and it will always be full of products a young chef will adore.

A portion of the sale of each box will go into the Fund, and Giada will also give her time to offer cooking classes and special events for the students to help foster community and support the young people who are inspired to feed others.

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