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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Make Hosting Simple With This DIY Bruschetta Bar

14 December 2023
by Regan Hofmann
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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This creative cocktail snack idea takes the stress out of entertaining

Bruschetta is the ultimate cocktail party nibble, the perfect combination of savory flavors in a bite that's easy to manage with a drink in one hand. Bright salumi, rich cheeses, and vibrant fruits and vegetables all make perfect bruschetta toppers, making it the ultimate vehicle for delicious creativity.

The only downside to serving bruschetta as a party snack is how long it can take to assemble the individual toasts when you have a crowd coming over. Enter one of Giada’s favorite entertaining tips: Set out all of the components as a DIY bruschetta bar and let your guests make their own bites!

It couldn’t be simpler to put together a truly spectacular bruschetta bar that also works for guests with varied dietary needs and preferences. Get creative with serving bowls and platters to build an inviting, impressive display that will spark your guests’ creativity. It also makes a great conversation starter as people congregate at the bar to make their decisions.

To get started, just choose a couple of options from each of the flavor building blocks below:

Bruschetta Bar

Umami: Salumi of all kinds are a classic bruschetta topper for a reason! For vegetarians, that satisfyingly savory note can come from roasted mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, or truffles (try these black truffle pearls for a glitzy New Year’s party!). One easy way to bring the umami is with salty spreads like black truffle sauce or olive tapenade that are delicious enough to eat all on their own.

Creamy: Fresh cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella, and burrata provide a smooth counterpoint to bigger flavors, creating a harmonious snack that doesn’t overwhelm the palate. Great non-dairy option include artichoke spread or chestnut cream for a sweet-and-salty twist.

Fresh: Vegetables, fruits, and herbs like basil leaves, ripe tomatoes, sliced strawberries, and pomegranate seeds bring a much-needed natural element to keep the bruschetta light. For a veggie-packed shortcut, the southern Italian brightness of eggplant caponata is a delicious option.

Vibrant: For the finishing touch, try a bold balsamic vinegar or a punchy olive oil. Spice lovers will thrill at a dab of Calabrian chili paste, and a drizzle of honey pairs beautifully with aged cheeses.

Crostini with ricotta, honey, and pomegranate seeds

Try a few of Giada's favorite bruschetta recipes as jumping-off points, or let your creativity run free. Mozzarella and its creamy cousin burrata provide a milky foundation that plays well with bold flavors like sweet strawberries or a savory tomato pesto. And bitter endive pairs perfectly with rich, salty prosciutto. Whatever you choose, make sure to have lots of toasts on hand!


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