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Photo Credit: Natasha Wynnyk

3 Ways Giada Organizes Her Italian Pantry

13 January 2023
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Natasha Wynnyk

3 Ways Giada Organizes Her Italian Pantry

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Everyone's all about organizing in the new year - and one area of the house that needs the most love after the holidays is the pantry.

On the heels of the holiday cooking madness, our kitchens tend to become a bit of a mess - between baking drawers gone awry and random things shoved into the pantry, the new year is the perfect time to get it organized.

We explained our top ways to store pantry ingredients, and everyone has their own favorite methods for their own pantry situation. We tagged along with Giada while she organized hers, and we noticed three interesting tips that you can adopt into your own pantry-organizing procedure!

1. Separate your pasta into bins - one for regular pasta, one for gluten free.

When you have as much pasta on hand as Giada does, the pasta needs to be separated into categories! Keep gluten free and wheat pasta separated to avoid cross contaminating for the wheat-sensitive eaters in your life. 


2. Check your olive oil expiration dates twice a year.

Olive oil doesn't last for as long as you might think - it's something you want to use regularly, not necessarily save for special occasions. Go through your olive oils every 6 months to ensure you're not using anything expired. PS - keep them in a cool place away from sunlight for longevity!


3. Your freezer is part of your pantry.

Giada employs the use of her freezer for flours and grains. Why? These products are most susceptible to pests and mites, and they're safe and sound in the freezer. You'll never have to think twice about a bag of flour again.



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