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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

It's The Year Of Tinned Fish, And Here's How We're Enjoying It

12 January 2023
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Tinned fish is cool again, and here's how to impress your foodie friends with it.

All over social media, there's been a plethora of "in" and "out" lists for the new year - and we have one strong opinion for what's going to be in for 2023: tinned fish.

Canned tuna and anchovies have always been polarizing food topics - you either love 'em or hate 'em - but an influx in cool sustainable brands has the needle moving further over to the "love" side of the spectrum than ever before.

While you can use these nutrient-packed flavor powerhouses in salads and sandwiches galore, some of these products are special enough to stand on their own. Bluefin tuna filets caught off the shores of the Amalfi Coast, for example, shouldn't get lost in a busy dish - they should shine. Anchovies from the Tyrrhenian Sea, while great at flavoring a litany of dishes, should get a moment in the spotlight as well - let those little fish be the star!

For your next dinner party, we propose you bring out the tinned fish and make it part of aperitivo hour: a classic practice in Italy that's just on the cutting edge of cool in the food world here. Be sure to leave this cool packaging out on the countertop, too - this isn't your mom's can of tuna, after all.

tinned fish board

How to do it:

These products lend themselves to crostini of all kinds. We firmly believe that whoever made the rule that seafood and cheese don't mix hasn't tried these recipes! Anchovy gorgonzola crostini are a classic cichetti (bar snack) from Venice, and it packs a wollop of flavor. Serve this to your boldest foodie guests with a glass of something sparkling! Tuna makes a delicious topper to a simple crostini with mascarpone, goat cheese and lemon - mild and fresh with a deep savory flavor from the fish.

You can ditch the recipes in favor of a tinned fish board, too. Open up the tinned fish, and place the jars and cans around on a board. Fill in the gaps with your favorite crackers, cheeses, olives, capers and caper berries, tapenades, mustards, lemon wedges and beyond. Offer little forks or spoons for guests to mix and match as they please... but grab a photo for the 'gram first, of course.


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