Gluten-Free Tagliatelle Pasta

Massimo Zero
This classic long pasta is naturally gluten-free and 100% delicious.

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With a focus on the highest quality ingredients, this tagliatelle from Massimo Zero is a truly superior gluten-free pasta—and trust us, we've tried a lot. Made from corn and rice flours, it’s virtually indistinguishable from our favorite wheat-based pasta. You can even use the starchy cooking water! A long, flat pasta from the same family as pappardelle and fettuccine, tagliatelle originated in the Emilia-Romagna region, where it’s the traditional partner for ragu bolognese. Its name comes from tagliare (“to cut”), a reference to the way it’s rolled out and cut by hand into long ribbons.

For a country that’s as passionate about wheat products as Italy is (think pasta, pizza, biscotti, focaccia—the list goes on and on), it should come as no surprise that they’re serious about making delicious gluten-free foods. The country has a much longer history of taking gluten intolerance seriously than the U.S., which means they’ve got a lot of experience with gluten-free alternatives. From a long list of great contenders, Massimo Zero’s pasta is the best of the best. With the same dedication to tradition and artisan methods as all our favorite pasta makers, they are proving that you don’t have to give anything up when you cut out the gluten.

Massimo Zero is based high in the Italian Alps, in the northern Alto Adige region. At their state-of-the-art facility, they combine cutting-edge research with age-old techniques to create gluten-free products that are completely natural, without any additives. Their pastas start with pure mountain water and the best gluten-free flours, kneaded and formed according to traditional methods, then air-dried slowly to ensure the perfect al dente texture when cooked. You’d never know what was missing.

With a blend of corn and rice flours, this pasta is free of any additives such as emulsifiers, preservatives, or thickeners, making it 100% all-natural. Use this tagliatelle in place of any long pasta, especially paired with chunky ragus like bolognese.
Manufactured in a facility producing certified gluten-free products only. Celiac friendly.
Corn flour (90%), rice flour (10%), water.