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23 Italian Desserts To Beat The Summer Heat

Don't sweat it - these Italian desserts are easy to whip up even on the hottest of summer days.

The temperature rising doesn't mean we have to stop making dessert altogether during the summer! While we aren't as inclined to bake cakes or slave over laborious baking projects when it's sweltering out, there are still a lot of great no-bake (or minimal-baking!) summer Italian dessert options. These particular Italian summer desserts are perfect for the warm weather, and they're easy enough to throw together without breaking a sweat.
Whether the desserts themselves are perfectly refreshing for hot days (hello, chocolate-hazelnut gelato and lemon basil sorbetto!) or just incredibly easy to whip up without much effort (looking at you, tiramisu) these sweets are perfect for the summer season.


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