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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Giada's Valentine's Day Menu: Date Night In Sicily

30 January 2023
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Evoke the beauty of Sicily for your Valentine's Day dinner.

Sicily has always been considered an underappreciated region of Italy, but with so much to offer, it's no wonder that it's finally making its way onto the scene as a worthy travel destination. The island is known for its unique cuisine, bountiful agriculture and luxurious natural beauty - the perfect source of inspiration for a sultry date night dinner.

This menu stars a sumptuous crab pasta (when in Sicily, you get seafood!), a simple but sophisticated salad, and your new favorite easy Italian cocktail. Buon San Valentino!

garibaldi cocktail

Kick It Off: Antipasti + Garibaldi Cocktail

Any proper Italian meal starts with your aperitivo and a snack, so why do Valentine's dinner any differently? The Garibaldi is a fusion of Northern Italy and Sicily, and it genuinely couldn't be any easier: mix Campari up with orange juice, add a garnish, and call it a day. Serve it up with your favorite antipasti bites and snacks - some toasted nuts, soft cheeses, olives and taralli or potato chips are the perfect start.

apple arugula salad

Apple Arugula Salad

Apple slices are the visual star of this salad, so find a pretty one! Bonus points for an apple with thematically pink flesh, such as Pink Pearl, Mountain Rose and beyond. Smoked almonds and goat cheese give it great flavor and texture, all tied together by a simple and punchy apple cider vinaigrette.

crab pasta

Crab And Cherry Tomato Pasta

This pasta takes just 20 minutes to cook - so once you've opened a bottle of dry white wine that you'll need for the recipe, pour a glass for you and your date while you whip it up. Thanks to flavorful ingredients like canned cherry tomatoes and fresh lump crab, this dish doesn't need a ton of time to get delicious.


Bring On The Chocolate

Chocolate and hazelnuts might hail from the north of Italy, but it's tradition to give and receive baci no matter where you are in the country. Whip up a batch of Giada's chocolate hazelnut truffles, or peruse our chocolate selection for the authentically indulgent Italian experience.



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