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Fresh Peach Recipes To Celebrate Summertime

16 June 2021
by Giadzy
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It's officially peach season, and the ripest and juiciest ones are just around the corner - and here are some of Giada's best fresh peach recipes to celebrate the bounty.

The smell of sunscreen, smoke from a charcoal grill, salt water... summer has a lot of quintessential scents that get us in that seasonal mindset right away. One of the most exciting, though? When you step foot into the grocery store or farmer's market, and you're immediately hit with the aroma of seasonal fresh peaches. Is there anything better?

Peaches come into season in late June, and they hang around until the beginning of September. Late July is when they really start becoming irresistibly sweet at their peak, but they're already delicious in early July.

So, how are we making the most of this ephemeral and tasty season? We're celebrating with some of Giada's best fresh peach recipes - and by biting right into them, of course!

Fresh Peach Recipes

 Peach, Corn & Burrata Bruschetta

One of the best summertime pairings ever? Peach + burrata. Sweet, tangy peaches and creamy burrata make a perfect match, and they're only heightened by seasonal corn, spicy serrano pepper slices, basil and a tangy vinaigrette.


Fresh Peach Recipes

  Grilled Peach Crostata With Thyme Whipped Cream

Grilled peaches get a delicious hint of smoke in this summery crostata. A crostata is basically a pie without all of the pressure of perfection - making it perfect for a breezy summertime dessert!


Fresh Peach Recipes

Baby Back Ribs With Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce

An amazing BBQ sauce needs an element of sweetness, and when peaches are readily available, they make a great addition to this ultra flavorful sauce - and it works amazingly well with rich, savory ribs.

Fresh Peach Recipes

Grilled Shrimp With Peach Cocktail Sauce

Fresh peaches give the cocktail sauce some welcome sweetness that pair deliciously with the grilled shrimp!


Fresh Peach RecipesRosemary Roasted Peaches With Vanilla Bean Yogurt

Peaches get even more sweet when they're roasted, and they also develop a deeper caramelized flavor. Roasting with rosemary gives them an herbacious edge that is absolutely delicious - and you can eat this for breakfast or dessert!



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