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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Sheet Pan Dinners To Make Cooking Easy This Summer

05 June 2019
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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When the temperature rises in the warmer months, the last thing we want to be doing is hovering over the stove - which is why these sheet pan dinners are our summer saviors.

The concept of a sheet-pan dinner has been all the rage lately, but it goes beyond a trend of the moment. The idea of throwing all the ingredients you want for dinner on one pan, setting it in the oven and having a perfect dinner magically emerge almost seems too good to be true... but with these recipes, we assure you, it's not! The sheet pan is a humble kitchen workhouse that can do everything from baking cookies to toasting granola. Now, it steps in as our dinnertime savior. Thank you, sheet pan, for eliminating a mountain of post-dinner dishes... and rescuing us from hovering over a stovetop in the scorching summer months!

Besides - everything about summertime is a bit more laid-back, so why shouldn't cooking dinner follow suite? Breathe easy, grab a sheet pan, and make dinner (or dessert!) happen in a snap with Giada's simple summer sheet pan dinners. It's literally no sweat!

Sheet Pan Dinners

To highlight the versatility of these one pan dishes, we've curated some of Giada's best simple weeknight recipes for summer.

Italian Sheet Pan Chicken is a great two-for-one meal - first, you get some seriously flavorful chicken (the secret is in the marinade!). Secondly, toasted croutons that soak up all the juice from the chicken in order to make one of the tastiest side-salads ever. Giada uses a similar technique in her Roasted Chicken Thighs With Summer Squash, where parmesan-crusted croutons get roasted alongside zucchini and yellow squash.

For a more coastal route, Slow-Roasted Salmon Puttanesca is brimming with flavor. Sweet roasted tomatoes, salty-briney olives and the most tender salmon come together to make a dish that's easy enough to whip up on any weeknight, but impressive enough to serve for a dinner party! Similarly, Giada's Parmesan Sheet Pan Shrimp cooks shrimp to perfection. They're nestled alongside a colorful medley of veggies for a nutritional and couldn't-be-easier weeknight dinner.
For a meatless option, Giada's Sheetpan Eggplant Parm has been a huge hit! It's the easiest, and maybe one of the healthiest ways to prepare the beloved Italian dish. Giada opts for Japanese eggplants because they're less bitter than the Globe varieties, and their smaller size makes them cook up quickly and easily.


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