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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

This Is How Giada Does Lasagna For Breakfast

03 June 2019
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Lasagna for breakfast? With Giada's decadent, cheesy layered casserole, we give a resounding "yes".

How do you take beloved lasagna and turn it into a delicious breakfast staple? This French twist on an Italian classic replaces pasta with crepes, and we'll even do you one better - with chickpea flour, they're completely gluten-free. This is a brunch everyone can enjoy!

Breakfast Lasagna

In this recipe, the crepes get layered with all the flavors of Italy we love: a blend of shredded white cheddar and fontina (the creamiest, best-melting cheese there is) and a custard studded with sun-dried tomatoes, crispy pancetta, fresh basil and thyme. You can prepare everything the night ahead, and layer it up the morning of - then let it bubble away to cheesy, golden-brown perfection in the oven.

What holiday calls for a hearty, cheesy, pancetta-stuffed casserole for brunch? That's right - this recipe has Father's Day written all over it.

Layers on layers of cheesy goodness? This one is going to be a hit among everyone who indulges. (Not to mention that it makes the best leftovers!)

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