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Are Healthy Cocktails the New Green Juice?

01 June 2019
by Giadzy
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There's a new way to drink yourself well (and it's way more fun).

Just like chefs, bartenders are always on the hunt for inspiration, seeking out new flavors or techniques to come up with creative, original recipes. For years, they've been putting their twist on decades-old classics like the old-fashioned or the martini, using traditional ingredients: citrus, bitters, flavored liqueurs.

But with the major rise in health-conscious eating in recent years, and people rediscovering the value (and great flavor!) of nutritional powerhouse ingredients like quinoa and kale, it was only a matter of time before cocktails caught on, too. If you're trying to eat cleaner, why undo all that good work with a drink loaded with refined sugars, ultra-sweet liqueurs, and fruit juices?

Kombucha, with its tart flavor and slight fizz, is an ideal cocktail mixer. Because it's available in a wide range of flavors, the possibilities are practically endless; try vodka with fruit flavored kombucha, or bourbon with a black tea flavor.

My new favorite combination is gin, mint, and ginger kombucha - the ginger aids in digestion, making it a powerhouse antidote to decadent brunches and snack-heavy cocktail parties. Whether you're taking your first baby step into the world of clean eating or you're a green juice-chugging pros, health-conscious cocktails are a holiday game changer!


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