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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Lemon Slices In Grilled Cheese? Giada Says YES.

31 May 2019
by Giada De Laurentiis
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Lemon Slices In Grilled Cheese? Giada Says YES.

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If there's one ingredient Giada loves, it's lemon, and it's about to rock your next grilled-cheese.

A simple butter + bread + cheese combination is one of life's greatest comforts. Seriously - who doesn't love a grilled cheese? That said, we think there are a couple of components that can take it from a tasty comfort food to a perfectly balanced recipe. A dish that's crispy, cheesy and fatty needs acid and sweetness to offset it and create flavor balance, and what better ingredient to accomplish that than the humble lemon? Case in point, Giada's lemon grilled cheese.
Trust us on this one!

Giada came up with a grilled cheese recipe for her Capri-inspired party on Giada Entertains that's layered with gently sugar-macerated lemons between fresh mozzarella. The lemons are so thinly sliced, that once they're cooked, the rind is easy to bite through. Between the buttery-parmesan crust on the bread, and that ooey-gooey lemony filling, it's unlike anything we've ever made before. The bright notes of sweet and tangy lemon gives the sandwich an amazing and unexpected burst of flavor.

Feeling adventurous? Give this one a try! And you can really encapsulate that Capri-inspired sense of la dolce vita by pairing it with a Limoncello Arnold Palmer and a Caprese Salad.


Giada's Lemon Grilled Cheese Recipe


Lemon Slices In Grilled Cheese



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