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It's Strawberry Season! Here Are 5 Recipes To Celebrate

The humble strawberry, at the height of its season, is one of the juiciest and sweetest fruits out there!

There's a defining moment when we transition from winter to spring - the one when you're at the market, and you notice that strawberries are officially back in business. The difference between an out-of-season strawberry and a seasonal one is like night and day, so you bet we're eating all of the berries we can!
To truly take advantage of the season, head to your nearest farmer's market and buy the most fresh, local strawberries you can find. Of course, they're perfect on their own for snacking - but these are some of our favorite recipes from Giada to highlight them at their pinnacle of deliciousness.

Seasonal strawberry dessert

Raffy's Strawberries And Vinegar

You might be wondering how vinegar brings out the best in strawberries - but you'd be surprised! Gently macerating berries with sugar and red wine vinegar pulls out the strawberry's natural juices, and creates a delicious tangy-sweet syrup.
Frose Cocktail

Frosé, the Giadzy Way

The ultimate refreshing (and boozey) treat? Frosé! We adapted this recipe from GDL Italian, Giada Vegas and Pronto. A blend of strawberries, rose wine, orange liquor, lemon zest and a bit of sugar create our favorite slushy spring and summer drink.
Seasonal Bruschetta

Mozzarella And Strawberry Bruschetta

Not only is this one of our favorite appetizers with strawberries, but it's just one of our favorite appetizers, period! It has spring and summer written all over it, and it's so easy to whip up.
Strawberry Season Cake

Strawberry Cake

Think of this dessert like strawberry shortcake, but even better! This berry-studded cake is so fluffy and delicious, and the honey whipped cream is the perfect accompaniment.
Strawberry Season Salad

Strawberry Salad

This salad is a celebration of strawberries - from fresh ones mixed in, to a strawberry vinaigrette to top it off with! The combination of gorgonzola, sweet strawberries, toasty almonds and the tangy dressing is seriously delicious.


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