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Salad For Dinner? Just Add Steak!

We're approaching summer (salad season!) and this recipe will get even the most dedicated carnivores on board.

To us, summer means peaches, tomatoes, corn, and all of the beautiful sunshiney produce it has to offer. To dedicated meat-eaters, it's all about grilling, smoking, and barbecuing - but why not bring together the best of both worlds? The answer: steak salad.
Steak Salad

Giada's Steak Salad Recipe

This salad gets crunch from a crisp blend of romaine lettuce, endive and red onion - with arugula added into the mix for some extra flavor. The sweet cherry tomatoes of early summer brightly complement the creamy, tangy gorgonzola - which might be our favorite cheese to eat alongside steak.
When it comes to the steak, the beauty is this: you can really use any cut you want, prepared in any way you like. Grilled ribeye, pan-seared filet mignon, a broiled NY strip - it's all good here. Think of this salad as a perfect starting point that will complement any cut of meat you want. (Hint? Leftover Bistecca Fiorentina works out GREAT.) The simple vinaigrette won't take away from any of the steak's flavor, but rather brightens and enhances it.
So next time someone in the family wants to celebrate summer's harvest of vegetables and someone else wants to bring on the meat, steak salad will be the delicious compromise to solve dinner!
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