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Giada's Pre-Superbowl Burger Bash Menu

We've got our dinner and snack menus for the superbowl covered, but we can't forget about all that day we have before the game!

Instead of waiting until kickoff to get the party started, why not make the most of the entire day before that? I'm getting in the game-day spirit early on in the day with a pre-Superbowl Burger Bash to keep my guests entertained, complete with fun activities and a loaded buffet.

The stars of the buffet are my Giada-Fied Burgers and Mortadella Meatball Sliders, all accompanied by a variety of toppings and sauces to do-up however the guests like. On the side, I've got my freshly made potato chips with a smokey cacciatore-inspired seasoning.
No spread is complete without a sweet, and this one is seriously fun: Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake Dip. With a variety of sweet-and-salty dippers from pretzels to wafer cookies, it's a dessert perfectly fit for kids and adults alike.


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