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Dessert Wine 101

04 February 2019
by James Bremner

Dessert Wine 101

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Have your dessert, and drink with it too!

Dessert wine is uncharted territory for many of us who usually order espresso when the dessert cart rolls around. Lucky for us, expert sommelier James Bremner is breaking down his favorite dessert wines, along with what desserts to enjoy with them. James Bremner is at the helm of all things wine at Giada Vegas, and with well over a decade of experience of being a sommelier on the strip, he's essentially our in-house Vino guru!
Castellare, Vin Santo Di San Niccolo, Tuscany, Italy 2012
Type of Wine: Vin Santo
James' Pick: Castellare, Vin Santo Di San Niccolo, Tuscany, Italy 2012
Drink it With: Caramel Apple Bombolini
Vin Santo's often go overlooked but make great dessert wines or drink great by themselves and improve with age. Malvasia/Trebbiano blend, dried for a few months after harvest to concentrate sugars. Notes of honey, caramel, candied fruits and walnuts. The wines typically get nuttier as they age.
Broadbent 10 year Malmsey, Madeira, Portugal
Type of Wine: Madeira
James' Pick: Broadbent 10 year Malmsey, Madeira, Portugal
Drink it With: Hot Cocoa Souffle with Marshmallow Gelato
Maderia is a must try for any Port wine fan. Depending on the varietal produced, the wines can be rich and sweet like port wine, or lean and acidic like sherry. 100% Malvasia, rich, full bodied concentrated flavor. Chocolate, molasses, dates, toffee, and hazelnut tones compliment the Cocoa soufflé and Marshmallow Gelato
Chateau Roumieu-Lacoste, Sauternes, France 2015
Type of Wine: Blend
James' Pick: Chateau Roumieu-Lacoste, Sauternes, France 2015
Drink it With: Citrus Ricotta Cheesecake
The only visually white dessert wine in the lineup. It's a great pairing w/ cheesecake.  A blend of Semillon, Muscadelle, and Sauvignon Blanc. Intoxicating nose of Candied Pineapple, butterscotch, cr√®me brulee, oranges and honey. All the notes this wine gives off are items you could top a cheesecake with. The high acid helps cut through cheesecakes rich flavor as well.


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