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How To Make A Panettone Panini

17 December 2020
by Giadzy
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A delicious new way to eat the classic Italian fruit bread: panettone panini!

For the record, we have nothing against taking a slice of panettone and eating it straight - we've certainly had our fair share of eating it plain. However, if you're trying to make it through a whole loaf by yourself (or you're somehow in a scenario where you just have too much panettone one way or the other) we've got ideas on how to turn it into something new and delicious. You can repurpose it into an epic family-style dessert bowl, make french toast out of it, or get extra creative and turn it into a panettone panini!
The concept is simple: fill two slices of panettone with some delicious ingredients, and make a panini out of it! If you have a panini press, you already know what to do. If you don't have one, just make it like you would a grilled cheese, and press down on the sandwich firmly with a spatula or the bottom of another pan. That pressure creates wonderfully crispy sides of panettone bread, and helps achieve a hot, delicious panini filling.
Panettone Panini
Because panettone is a sweet treat, there are a lot of options for making a super tasty panini - you can either go all sweet, or make a delightfully sweet-and-savory creation. You know we've got ideas - check them out below!
• Black forest ham, gruyere cheese, top with fried egg (play on Croque Madame)
• Smoked Turkey, apple and cheddar
• Crispy bacon, Calabrian chili and provolone
• Mozzarella and prosciutto
• Avocado, red pepper flakes and olive tapenade
Chocolate-hazelnut spread and banana
• Cream cheese or mascarpone and raspberries
• Almond Butter, cinnamon and Pear
• Salted butter and Honey
Get creative with it! Open up your cupboard and the drawers in your fridge and have some fun playing with flavors. And if you want to keep it simple, heck, just fry a slice in butter - there's nothing better. 


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