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Giada's Panini Party Menu

Before the grand opening of my new restaurant Pronto, I had some serious recipe testing trials to undergo- and who better to test recipes on than your trusted friends? They were up to the task, no arm-twisting necessary!

With my entertainer lens on, I quickly realized this was a great concept for a party. Setting out an assortment of breads and toppings and allowing guests to customize their perfect panini creates a great interactive eating experience. Man the panini-press for them to keep it easy on your company, and they'll be ecstatic to eat their cheesy, hot pressed sandwich that they came up with themselves!
Of course, no party is complete without a drink of choice. For this, I chose the ultimate Italian sundown sipper: one of my favorite cocktails, the Aperol Spritz.
Catch the episode on The Food Network, and you can grab recipes for inspiration below!


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