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Bake It With Lizzy: Trying The 2-Ingredient Souffle Hack

25 April 2023
by Lizzy Newman
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How the Giadzy team fell in love with this dessert "hack" that tastes like anything but a shortcut!

A big part of working at Giadzy is coming up with ideas - for recipes, for stories, for videos... all of it! It's a team effort, but that doesn't stop at just the Giadzy team. My dad called me up one day to explain that he's been loving a 2-ingredient souffle comprised of just Nutella and eggs, and thought I simply must try it with the Italian chocolate hazelnut spread we sell here on Giadzy. I was a little skeptical, but my dad is a pretty serious dessert connoisseur (it runs in the family). I had to try it.

My parents happened to be visiting me one weekend when I was already scheduled to shoot a video for Giadzy - it was fated to be! My mom enthusiastically agreed to star in a baking demo with me, and she's no stranger to a Giadzy shoot. Many years ago, when I first started working at Giadzy doing remote photoshoots, she was my designated at-home sous chef. If I needed someone to hold up a slice of lasagna or give a dusting of powdered sugar while I snapped a shot, she was always eagerly at the ready.

2 ingredient souffle hack

Chocolate Hazelnut Souffles Recipe

Now, I live two states away, but I feel connected to my family through food more than ever. It felt perfectly appropriate to whip this dessert up with my mom in the kitchen, with my dad in the background making jokes and faces at us, and calling out the occasional serving suggestion. We had so much fun.

As we were giving this 2-ingredient souffle a try, I was genuinely concerned that it might be one of those baking hacks that... well, falls short. I was very pleasantly surprised when it not only looked great, but tasted completely gourmet. 

I did cheat a tiny bit. I added a 3rd and 4th ingredient to the mix. What can I say - I want to do things right! A teaspoon of sugar added to the egg white mixture helps it stay stable, and a bit of butter and sugar on the ramekins helps it rise and gives it a crunchy crust. I don't think anyone can dock me for that!

This fluffy, divine dessert is going on my repertoire as an easy treat that feels like it's straight out of a 5-star steakhouse. Serve it up with some freshly whipped cream and berries for a knockout treat. It makes two heaping servings - so whip this up with someone you love to share in the decadence!


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