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Photo Credit: Dan Pelosi

Nonna's Recipes: Dan Pelosi and His Mom's Famous Italian Bread

21 April 2023
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Dan Pelosi
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Dan Pelosi's has been making Italian bread with his mom since he was young, and the nostalgic comfort it brings is unmatched.

Dan Pelosi (aka @grossypelosi!) is a beloved home cook who has accrued a following with stunning food... and an infectiously joyous personality. His authenticity is apparent through every recipe, post, and lighthearted story. Dan has attributed many recipes to the inspiration of his immediate family - many of whom are recurring characters in his colorful and drool-worthy Instagram feed.

Dan Pelosi With His Mom

One recipe that Dan cites as bringing him ultimate nostalgia is his mom's Italian bread. "My mom has made her Italian bread for my entire life," says Dan. "The way my house fills up with the smell of it baking is a source of comfort that is unmatched." 

There's no gatekeeping here - what makes this bread recipe even more special is that Dan's mother has shared it with many families throughout the years. She sold loaves of this bread (recipe card included!) for annual school charities, all while happily giving the recipe to anyone who requested it. This means that countless families now have access to this incredibly simple and delicious recipe - a beautiful bread butterfly affect.

Not only is this recipe easy to make, but it also creates four loaves of bread, perfect for sharing with loved ones. "Of course, the recipe makes 4 loaves, because you have to eat one immediately, save one, freeze one and share one." says Dan. Listen - anyone who creates a recipe with the intent to both savor and share later is a person after our own heart.

The bread that keeps on giving isn't going to stop anytime soon. In honor of Mother's Day, Dan is thrilled to share this recipe on Giadzy - and maybe it will become just as big of a tradition in your life as it has been in his. "I can only imagine how many families now make this bread recipe that I hold so close to my heart," says Dan. "I am so excited to share it with you."


Mom's Italian Bread Recipe


Be sure to pre-order Dan's cookbook "Let's Eat" with more recipes like this, available September 5th!


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