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Holiday Hint 2: The Perfect Protein to Feed A Crowd

04 December 2018
by Giadzy

Holiday Hint 2: The Perfect Protein to Feed A Crowd

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When feeding a crowd, there's no overall better choice of protein than a pork tenderloin - and here's why!

Oh pork tenderloin, let us count the reasons why we love you!
First and foremost, as opposed to other popular meats during the holidays that can be quite expensive (we're looking at you, beef tenderloin!) pork tenderloin is very reasonable, ranging anywhere on average from 1-4 dollars per pound. For reference, beef tenderloin can easily cost upwards of $25 to $30 dollars... per pound! 
To add on that, we don't believe you're sacrificing on any flavor or quality by choosing pork - quite the opposite, actually! Pork tenderloin is a perfect blank canvas in which you can create any flavor profile you want - whether it's doused in a flavorful herbed mustard and wrapped in bacon, or stuffed with spinach, pepper and provolone, you can create something seriously flavorful and main-event worthy. 
Lastly? This is a no-fuss roast. There's much more leeway to a nicely cooked pork roast than a beef tenderloin, which can be a feat to cook to the absolute perfect temperature.
Less money, less fuss - what more could you ask for in a holiday dinner?


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