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Feast Of The Seven Fishes, Made Simpler

Giada always takes this Italian tradition home to the 'states, but she keeps it easy with a few rules!

Perhaps one of the most old-school Italian Christmas traditions is the Feast Of The Seven Fishes. It is traditionally a multi-course meal served on Christmas eve, featuring seven different seafood dishes - whew! 
While keeping the tradition alive annually, Giada has simplified the tradition to make it doable for everyone. Her rules are as follows:
"If you've never made one, it can seem intimidating, but I have an easy rule of thumb to simplify the cooking process. One baked (for me, that's a beautiful side of salmon to roast in the oven), one on the stovetop (a classic spaghetti alla vongole), and one already made (a smoked fish crostini)."
This attainable spin on dinner keeps the spirit of the tradition alive, without turning it into a stressful event... and we have the recipes for you here!


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