Arborio Rice

Tenuta Margherita
A versatile variety for risottos and more, this premium arborio is shepherded from field to table by rice farmers with more than 100 years of expertise.

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This special selection arborio from Tenuta Margherita is the versatile powerhouse your pantry deserves. Arborio rice is the variety most commonly used for risotto here in the U.S., and its grains are the largest of the rice varieties grown in Italy. And while this gorgeous arborio does make a wonderfully creamy risotto, it’s good for so much more. With a quicker-cooking profile than other Italian varieties like carnaroli, arborio can be relied upon for easy one-pot meals, casseroles, and even modified oven-baked risottos.

In the province of Vercelli, in the northern Piedmont region, rice is a way of life. It lies within the Po Valley, which stretches from Torino to Modena and makes up the largest rice-growing region in Europe. Here, the fertile lowlands are flooded every summer to support the young sprouts as they grow, turning the landscape from watery blue to golden yellow as they grow and mature. The Piedmont is renowned for its agricultural bounty, and is home to decadent specialties that also include white truffles and barolo.

It’s here that Tenuta Margherita has been growing rice since 1904, and where they continue to work the land according to time-honored principles. Their rice is managed from field to table, carefully protected every step of the way to ensure that only the best of the best makes it to your home. After harvesting, the rice grains are dried thoroughly and then aged for 45 days, which improves its flavor, texture, and nutritional makeup. It’s then gently stone-ground using a traditional method that retains more of the healthy germ on the rice, lending it a gorgeous amber tint. The result is an absolutely superior rice with large, pearly grains.

Arborio is a short-grain rice that becomes creamy as it cooks while still retaining each individual grain’s shape. Quicker cooking than carnaroli, arborio is a versatile choice for risottos, one-pan meals, and baked rice timbales such as Sartu di Riso.
Size: 2.2 lbs