Arbutus Honey


Le Querce is a family-run business in northwestern Italy, specifically in the rich vegetation of the Anfiteatro Morenico – an area known for its beautiful wildflowers. The family’s access to a wide breadth of Italian wildflowers allows for a large variety of nutritious honey products. This particular honey, however, hails from the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, where it is considered a prized product. It is harvested from the blossoms of Arbutus trees in late autumn, a time when bees are generally inactive, making it a particularly rare honey. With incredible sweet, bitter and astringent notes, this is the type of gourmet honey to break out for an impressive cheese and charcuterie board – the flavor pairs very well with rich, creamy cheeses. With its bold and unforgettable flavor, it can also be used to sweeten strong whiskey cocktails or coffees.




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