Toketti di Pane Carasau Flatbread Crackers

Crisp shards of Sardinian flatbread are fried for a delicious snack that’s perfect for dipping or enjoying alone as part of an easy aperitivo spread.

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An ancient Sardinian bread gets a clever new life in these snackable toketti from Mitica. Pane carasau, sometimes known as carta da musica, is a thin flatbread made with semolina flour that was a staple food for shepherds on the Mediterranean island. Resistant to going stale, pane carasau was perfect for the wandering, nomadic shepherds who traveled the island, though the thin rounds of bread would often break into pieces as they traveled. Toketti takes those broken pieces and fries them for a delicious snack reminiscent of pita chips. The shards are crisp and substantial, perfect for dipping or enjoying alone as part of an easy aperitivo spread.

Sardinia is the second largest island of Italy after Sicily, and it has a unique culture that blends influences from around the Mediterranean. It’s known for gorgeous beaches, rare bitter honey, wild individuality, and stunning ancient ruins. Because of its location in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has been home to a number of civilizations over the centuries, from the Romans to the Vandals, Austrians, and Spanish. Sardinia is especially suited to olive cultivation and oil production, with a temperate climate that’s cooled by Mediterranean breezes. Research has found that Sardinia is one of the globe’s five Blue Zones, regions where people live the longest—10 times as many Sardinians live to the age of 100 as Americans. Many Sardinians still follow a traditionally agrarian lifestyle, walking the mountainous countryside down to the coastal towns the way shepherds and farmers have done for centuries.

These crunchy crackers are a satisfying snack any time, with a hearty flavor of pure semolina flour. Toketti are bite-sized pieces of flatbread, with plenty of surface area for dipping. Try them with eggplant caponata from the neighboring island of Sicily or with Giada’s hummus-like Italian white bean dip.
Size: 7 oz
Durum semolina wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, yeast. Contains wheat. May contain traces of soy.

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