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Why Giada Always Has This Pantry Item Handy For The Holidays

Stock up on Giada's kitchen savior for the holidays: stock!

Through many trials and tribulations of cooking big holiday dinners, there's one thing the avid cook will always have on hand: stock. Chicken stock, vegetable stock, beef stock - there are so many reasons why this simple flavorful broth can help you out of a (literally) sticky situation.
Whether it's dried out mashed potatoes, a risotto that's gone too gummy, or polenta in need of some flavor, stock is there for you! Even in situations that can seem disastrous, like a scorched gravy, you can whip up a new batch on the fly with a few extra cups of stock on hand. 
If you want to be truly artisinal, make your own broth that you can fortify with whatever flavors and aromatics you desire - but we've always got cartons of Swanson's (#notsponsored!) on hand!  We do recommend to always buy the low-sodium version of your preferred stock, so that you can have better control over the salt content in your dish.


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