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Caesar Salad Dressing Gets A Healthy Update

27 March 2019
by Giadzy

Caesar Salad Dressing Gets A Healthy Update

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You'd never guess this Caesar dressing is totally healthy - but it is!
Caesar salad: the quintessential Italian side salad in the 'States (which ironically, isn't Italian in origin at all!) is a favorite among many. Whether the salad is simple or has many add-ins, the creamy, zingy dressing is what ties it all together, every time.

The problem with some storebought Caesar dressings is the same problem with most store bought dressings... tons of oil, sugar, preservatives, and hard-to-pronounce additives of all sorts. The solution is the one we've been preaching since day 1 of this blog: make your own salad dressing! In this case, you can make a super flavorful Caesar salad dressing that's not only easy and delicious, but is actually really healthy!
Greek yogurt is the hero of this no-prep-necessary dressing. Simply mix in a blend of dijon mustard, Worcestershire, lemon juice, salt, pepper, parmesan and anchovy paste (optional, but we highly recommend it!) and you have a lightened-up version of the old standby with all the same flavors you love.
Dressing lovers, rejoice! You can pile it on with this recipe!


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