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Get This Italian Classic On The Table in Under 30 Minutes

13 March 2019
by Giadzy
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Chicken cacciatore is now ready in record time with the help of our trusty Instant Pot.

Oh, chicken cacciatore, how do we count all the ways we love you? Roasted on a sheet pan, simmered in the slow cooker, or even nestled alongside waffles for brunch— it's no secret this rustic Italian meal is one of Giada's beloved Italian dinners. And now, we've revamped it to be ready in half— yes, HALF— the time. That's only 30 minutes from prep to table, and only 9 minutes of actual cook time. Though the rich, hearty flavors would have you thinking this simmered on the stove for hours! 
Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore
The real secret is the Parmesan rind though - no surprise here if you've followed Giada over the years. It adds extra depth and an almost indescribable nutty, umami flavor that takes this dish to the next level. The recipe doesn't actually call for Parmesan though (your eyes aren't deceiving you!) so simply save your rinds in your fridge as you use up Parmesan throughout the month. Stores like Whole Foods and Gelson's actually carry bags of rinds for just a few dollars as well. And if you don't have any on hand, don't fret - it's still delicious without it!
Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore
In fact, that's something we love about this dish - you can take inspiration from the Italian hunters and gatherers that originally created it: don't have mushrooms and bell peppers int he fridge? No sweat, replace them with olives, capers, or even celery! Prepare some cheesy polenta, rice, or a simple salad while the chicken cooks and you've got a balanced, hearty, and nutritious dinner on the table with minimal prep and effort involved. 

Weeknight dinner, sorted! Get the recipe here!


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