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Make Every Day Fry-Day With These Healthier Alternatives

11 March 2019
by Giadzy

Make Every Day Fry-Day With These Healthier Alternatives

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We get it: sometimes, your just meal isn't complete without a side of fries. That's why we have these healthier fry alternatives from Giada on repeat.

If you're opting for a turkey burger or Italian sandwich for dinner, sometimes a side salad just won't cut it. And since we're not very keen on deep-frying potato wedges on the fly in our own homes (half for the nutritional reasons... half for the mess of it!) we like to keep these healthier, veggie alternatives on standby. Made from green beans, sweet potatoes or zucchini— these are all fries you can feel good about having a second helping of!

As for sauces, trusty ketchup will always do the trick - but if you've got time, try whipping up something special like this lighter take on Caesar dressing. It calls for a Greek Yogurt in place of an oil-based sauce, but it tastes just as creamy and indulgent as the original... and pairs perfect with Green Bean 'Fries'! Your favorite marinara pairs perfectly with Giada's Not-So-Fried Zucchini Fries, and a zippy garlic mayo for Sweet Potato Fries makes them feel restaurant-quality. 
You may not have guessed you'd be reaching for green beans the next time you craved fries, but trust us— now you might! 


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