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12 Easy Weeknight Dinners For Fall

03 November 2019
by Giadzy
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Easy, hearty and full of warming flavors - turn to these easy weeknight dinners for the rest of fall!

Fall is all about those hearty, comforting dishes, full of warming spices and vibrant seasonal vegetables. If your mind goes immediately to the all time-consuming Thanksgiving feast, think again. There are plenty of easy weeknight dinners for fall that require minimal effort. Our mantra: either set it and forget it in the oven, or simplify it altogether! Case and point, turn to these 12 easy weeknight recipes for fall from Giada for a better season ahead. Now, happy (and cozy) cooking!

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

Caramelized seasonal vegetables, toasted walnuts and sliced pear give this salad some serious heft - and seasonal freshness! Toss with some rotisserie chicken or white beans for some added protein to really create a full meal.

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Turkey Meatloaf With Sundried Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

This lighter spin on meatloaf is loaded with flavor and takes hardly any effort to whip up. It tastes extra amazing seared up in a pan on day 2!

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Pork Chops with Apples and Pancetta

Fall flavors are in full force with this one-pan pork dish! The sauce that happens in the pan is so addictingly delicious.

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

One-Pot Loaded Chicken Stew

On a busy weeknight, the words "one-pot only" are like music to our ears - and that's all this nutritious, loaded stew needs!


Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Baked Rigatoni With Sausage

If there's one way to make a cheesy pasta even more comforting, it's to bake it in the oven for those perfect crispy cheesy bits on top!

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore is one of those ultimately comforting rustic meals, but it's usually pretty involved and takes a long time. We took a shortcut with the Instant Pot, but with the depth of flavor and super-juicy chicken, you'd have no idea we cheated!

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Ravioli Lasagna

Ravioli stands in for the pasta and ricotta layers of pasta! Not only is this an easy way to get a lasagna on the table, but kids tend to love it even more than regular lasagna.

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Slow Cooker Ribollita

One of our favorite Italian soup staples, adapted for your slow cooker! The ciabatta at the end adds such an amazingly velvety texture to the soup.



Weeknight Dinners For Fall

 Sweet Potato Chili

Two kinds of beans make this veggie-rich chili taste meaty even though it only uses ½ pound of ground beef. It’s both economical and lower in fat—and a lot zestier, thanks to three kinds of chiles—than your usual pot of red.

 Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Sheet-Tray Chicken

Seasonal ingredients like apples, cranberries, and sweet potatoes make for a very autumnal dinner. Even better, cleanup is a cinch!

 Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Browned Butter Tortellini

Browned butter lends a rich, nutty depth to this bright pasta. Store-bought tortellini make this easy enough for any weeknight!

Weeknight Dinners For Fall

Chicken, Artichoke and Cannellini Bean Spezzatino

This loaded soup couldn’t be easier to throw together, and it’s as good for you as it is hearty and comforting.


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