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Beyond Lettuce: Try These Alternative Salads For Summer

03 July 2019
by Giadzy
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Sorry romaine, but we actually don't believe that a salad *needs* lettuce - lo and behold, Giada's alternative salads for summertime!

We're firm believers that anyone who doesn't consider themselves a "salad person" simply hasn't tried the right one yet! Romaine and iceberg have their time and place, but there's no hard and fast rule that says salad needs lettuce. Take caprese for example-- the only ingredient approaching lettuce is leaves of basil!
In the summertime when ready-to-eat produce is widely available and begging to be enjoyed, we like to think beyond lettuce and whip up some alternative salads. Tomatoes, corn, peaches and plums, melon and citrus - they're all the stars, and don't necessarily need any greens to tie 'em together. (that said, we're totally on board for adding pasta or grilled bread for some panzanella!)
So, to all those who naysay salads - why not give one of these alternate picks a try? (and even if you don't naysay salads, all the more reason why you'll love these options!)

Aunt Raffy's Holiday Salad

Aunt Raffy's loaded festive salad might be a staple during the holidays, but with sweet corn and creamy avocado, it's a winner for the summertime too. Honestly, it's a year-round favorite!

Alternative SaladsSpicy Melon Salad

Serrano chili peppers, red pepper flakes, and whole peppercorns add serious heat to this summertime salad.

Caprese Salad

The quintessential tri-colore salad of Capri is a combination of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Giada steps it up with a lemony vinaigrette and a variety of seasonal tomatoes. It doesn't get better than a Caprese salad!

Alternative SaladsMango, Chicken And Black Bean Salad

Give the old chicken salad standby some tropical flare! Mango, black beans, cucumber, mint, and a creamy lime dressing make this super-flavorful salad a great make-ahead lunch for work or get-togethers.


Alternative Salads

Asparagus With Grilled Melon Salad

Between the savory asparagus, sweet melon and tomatoes plus salty ricotta salata - this Italian salad is a party of flavor.


Alternative SaladsGrilled Plum Salad

Technically, this salad has some lettuce in the form of radicchio - but grilled plums, feta cheese and salty pistachios are the stars here. A honey champagne vinaigrette ties it all together, and makes the perfect side salad for summer chicken and fish dishes.


Summer Succotash

This bright, zingy salad of raw vegetables is the perfect cookout accompaniment.

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