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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Update Your Corn On The Cob With This Italian Tip

02 July 2019
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Once you try Giada's Italian corn on the cob, and you'll have trouble eating it any other way!

When corn is in the height of its season, you don't need to add a lot to make it delicious. Giada's take on the quintessential summer side dish only requires 5 ingredients (ones that you likely have already!) and it takes it to the next level! Italian corn on the cob will be your go-to, simple-as-can-be side dish for all of your summer proteins.

Italian Corn on the Cob

It really couldn't be easier to throw this flavorful side dish together. Either boil or grill the corn, and while it's cooking, whip up this simple Italian mixture by sautéing some garlic in olive oil until it's super fragrant, and mix in freshly grated Parmesan. Then simply, brush the delicious garlicky-cheesy spread over the corn, and sprinkle some parsley and extra Parmesan on top. It's about as easy to whip up as it was to read those two sentences! 

Invest in some cute little corn holders and make the executive decision to whip up Giada's Italian corn on the cob this weekend. You'll be hooked on this super easy recipe!


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