Mini Jams and Honey Wooden Box Gift Set

A sweet sampler of Agrimontana’s most popular jams and honey ready for gifting or a decadent brunch at home.

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For the most luscious fruit flavors from the Italian countryside, look no further than this mini jam and honey sampler in a beautiful wooden box from Agrimontana. Picked at the height of ripeness, all of the fruits used to make these jams in the northern Piedmont region are the pure essence of Italian sunshine. Flowers like yarrow and wild thyme grow in abundance on the pristine slopes of Piedmont, tempting bees with their perfume and creating amazing honey.

This set includes 1.5-ounce jars of:

Cherry extra jam: The sour cherries used for this jam has a mellow acidity rounded out by a burst of pure cherry perfume. When cooked over a low temperature in an old-fashioned way, the flavor comes perfectly balanced, with a sweet tartness that retains the inimitable essence of fresh cherries.

Peach extra jam: The peaches used to make this confettura are grown in the gently rolling hills of the Piedmont region. They’re fragrant, juicy, and just tangy enough to make any mouth water.

Strawberry extra jam: Traditionally in season in late May through June, strawberries signify the beginning of summer in Italy. Luckily, this sweet, juicy jam is available all year round.

Honeydew honey: Agrimontana’s honey is naturally pure, fed by the delicate blossoms in the Piedmont Alps. Once the bees have done their work, the honey is spun to extract it from the comb and bottled all at temperatures below 45°, a traditional method that preserves the honey’s natural antioxidants and enzymes.

In the northwest of Italy, Piedmont shares a border with France and Switzerland. It’s a region that is reknowned for its agricultural bounty, home to decadent specialties including white truffles, barolo, and arborio rice. Azienda Agrimontana’s history in Piedmont began 50 years ago, when Cesare Bardini began selling jams, candied fruit, and chestnuts in 1972. Bardini had one mission: to share the natural riches of his home across Italy.

To this day, Agrimontana is dedicated to creating deliciously clean products using traditional methods, without added colors, preservatives, or flavorings. They focus on sustainable agriculture that preserves the beauty of their home while encouraging biodiversity.

Size: 5.9 oz
Cherry extra jam: cherries, cane sugar, lemon juice. Prepared with 95g of fruit per 100g.

Peach extra jam: peaches, cane sugar, lemon juice. Prepared with 70g of fruit per 100g.

Strawberry extra jam: strawberries, cane sugar, lemon juice. Prepared with 70g of fruit per 100g.

Piedmont honeydew honey: Italian honey