Organic Gnocchetti Napoletani Pasta

Like an open shell or a fluffy cloud, this charming pasta has lots of curvaceous corners.

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Sauce lovers, our gnocchetti napoletani is the pasta shape for you. A pint-sized version of gnocchi napoletani, this small, hollow pasta resembles an open shell or a fluffy cloud. Unlike the fluffy potato dumplings we know best as gnocchi, this southern Italian style is made in the same way as other pasta, using just semolina flour and water. The word gnocchi literally means “lumps,” and may have originally come from the Italian word nocca (“knuckles”). This variety shares a similar knobbly shape with its more familiar cousin and makes an adorably versatile addition to your pasta arsenal.

Giadzy Pasta is the result of years of careful taste-testing and research with master pasta makers from across Italy. To perfect our first in-house product line, Giada De Laurentiis and the Giadzy team zeroed in on what matters most in a pasta: taste, texture, and fun. By using the finest ingredients and working in partnership with skilled pasta artisans in Italy, we’ve created the pasta we’ve been looking for all our lives—and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Giadzy Pasta is crafted in Abruzzo, a verdant gem on central Italy’s east coast. Abruzzo has the highest concentration of national parkland in Europe, including the graceful peaks of the Majella mountains, home to golden eagles and stunning wildflowers. Pure spring water from the Majella range is combined with organically grown semolina wheat flour from the base of the mountains to make Giadzy Pasta dough, with a sweet aroma of pure wheat. Following ancient artisan techniques, Giadzy Pasta is cut on 100-year-old bronze dies, giving the pasta a rough, rustic texture that soaks up sauce, making every bite exceptionally flavorful. After it’s shaped, the pasta is slowly air-dried for up to 36 hours, protecting its delicate flavor and dense texture. The result: the perfect al dente bite every time.

Toss them into soups or use in recipes with similarly sized ingredients like chickpeas, tiny meatballs, or cherry tomatoes. With their hollow curves, gnocchetti can also swap in neatly for elbow macaroni for a charming take on a classic mac and cheese.
Size: 1.1 lbs
Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Contains wheat, may contain soy.

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