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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Giada's 24 Most Popular Recipes from "Giada At Home" on Food Network

24 June 2020
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Giada at Home is getting a Food Network reboot with none-other than Giada At Home 2.0- and it has us reminiscing over some of our favorite original Giada at Home recipes.

You may have heard the news on Giada's Instagram stories or from some buzz on the internet, but if you haven't... Giada at Home is coming back! Funny enough, this time around, the show is more literal than ever - Giada is shooting right at her home kitchen, with Jade as her right-hand sous chef. While it seemed crazy to adapt to shooting at home without a crew in the time of quarantine, it's so fun to get an inside look at Giada really at home, cooking with Jade the same way they would on any other day.
Giada at Home originally debuted in 2008, and that show is responsible for so many of our favorite recipes from Giada - ones we make all the time to this day. The return of this beloved show has us reminiscing on some of the most noteworthy recipes from the era of Giada At Home - and so we put together a few of our faves below! Let us know in the comments which ones you love and still make to this day.
Even better news? We've already made quite a few of the recipes from Giada at Home 2.0 - and we think they're going to end up just as memorable and beloved in families as the ones from the first show did. Catch the season premiere on Saturday June 27th, at 12:00 PM on Food Network!


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