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Giada's Style Secret: Accessories

16 August 2017
by Giadzy

Giada's Style Secret: Accessories

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Complete any outfit with this chic, Capri-inspired scarf.

I love accessories. My style mantra is all about flexibility: I like to take a simple white t-shirt or denim dress and pair it with an accessory that really pops. It makes it easy to put an outfit together in just a few minutes in the morning, and it's a lot more flexible for my crazy days that can go from casual to camera-ready in the space of a few hours. Just switch a neck scarf for long, dangly earrings and you're ready for a night out!

When I met designer Alexandra Dieck at South by Southwest last year, I knew I had to find a reason to work together. She's made accessorizing her business! Her Lexicon of Style silk scarves are gorgeously printed with patterns that are inspired by jewelry, in sizes from the ultra-thin Twilly up to the flowing square Chiffon. And since there's nothing more Italian than a chic silk scarf (in fact, Alexandra's love affair with them began when she bought a Missoni scarf on vacation in Europe as a teenager!), it only made sense for us to team up.
For our collaboration, I chose her thin Twilly scarf, and designed a print inspired by the colors and patterns of the Amalfi coast. I wanted something that would feel summery and warm all year round. And I love how versatile the shape is! It can be a headband, belt, purse accessory, and more (for more ideas on how to wear the Twilly scarf, check out this video). 
We produced a very limited run of my special edition scarf, and it's available at the Giadzy store now. It's my first venture outside the kitchen, so I'm extra excited to send it out into the world and see how you like it. If you do pick one up, please be sure to show me how you style it! #LexiconXGiadzy


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