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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

10 Easy Italian Ways To Make Chicken Breast Delicious

08 March 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Turn that chicken into something bursting with flavor with these easy Italian chicken recipes!

When it comes to proteins, there might not be anything quite as versatile as the humble chicken breast. Lean, quick to cook, and it can take on tons of different flavors and forms - it's no wonder why it's such a popular mainstay for weeknight dinners. 

On the flipside, chicken breast is often criticized for being bland - but with these following Italian chicken breast recipes, there won't be a bland bite in sight. Thanks to all sorts of super easy marinades, sauces and more, these are our favorite ways to turn chicken breast into something delicious in a pinch.

chicken agrodolce

Chicken Agrodolce

This sweet and tangy sauce, which is served with everything from pork to vegetables in the northern part of Italy, keeps the meat moist. The best part is you don’t need to marinate the chicken at all!

Chicken Scallopine With Creamy Saffron Sauce

Chicken Scallopine with Creamy Saffron Sauce

An easy way to elevate chicken breast cutlets is with a great sauce. "The addition of saffron adds a rich, earthy flavor that feels extra special. (Though I will say – the sauce would be tasty without it too, if you wish to omit!)" - Giada

dairy free chicken marsala

Dairy-Free One Pan Chicken Marsala

Marsala is a flavorful fortified wine produced in Sicily, and it adds a great depth of rich, sweet flavor to everything - including chicken, of course! This is our easy take on the quintessential recipe.

Lemon and Oregano Pounded Chicken

Lemon And Oregano Pounded Chicken

Marinating chicken is always a sure way to give it loads of flavor and make it even more tender, and this simple lemon and oregano marinade is a go-to.

southern italian chicken

Southern Italian Herb Chicken

"The flavors of this chicken come straight from Southern Italy: tons of vibrant fresh herbs, bright lemon juice, some red onion, and a hint of anchovy paste. " - Giada

Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu

We know what you might be thinking - Chicken Cordon Bleu is not known for being Italian, or for being particularly easy. Well, in Giada's reimagined spin on the dish, it's both! By layering the ingredients that normally get rolled inside the chicken breast, this recipe isn't just easier than the original, but much more flavorful.

Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata, known for being full of flavor and for cooking up super fast, is characterized by a lemon and caper sauce. You can whip it up in under 20 minutes from start to finish!

grilled chicken with spinach pesto

Grilled Chicken With Pesto

Pesto makes essentially all savory food taste so much better, with its rich, cheesy and herbaceous flavor profile. Grilled chicken? No exception!

Creamy Italian Chicken Florentine

Creamy Italian Chicken Florentine

This classic Tuscan chicken is a quick, delicious way to get dinner on the table. The creamy herb sauce comes together in a pinch, and gives a basic weeknight meal a bit of decadence and comfort-food quality.

Open-Faced Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches

All the flavor of Chicken Parm you know and love, with the marinara sauce and gooey cheese, in a different format: sandwiches!



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