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Organic Honey Pollen

Le Querce
A naturally pure superfood, this bee-collected pollen is loaded with amino acids, proteins, and vitamins to fuel your day.

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This honey pollen from Le Querce is a special taste of the Italian countryside. Collected in the lush valley of the Anfiteatro Morenico in the Piedmont region, these tiny grains of bee-collected pollen are the essence of the wild beauty of the area’s wildflowers. A unique superfood, honey pollen is also a great culinary ingredient with a uniquely sharp, floral flavor and pleasing texture to boot.

Collected by bees on their daily journeys, honey pollen is the only food that sustains their tireless work. Its impressive profile contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals—all critical nutrients for a busy bee (or human!) to get through the day. It has many antioxidant properties, and has been shown to boost liver function. This pure, natural pollen from Le Querce’s wellness-focused Le Virtu line is collected with minimal impact on the bees and is gently dehydrated to produce this unique product.

In 1998, Giuseppe Perino turned his passion for beekeeping into a conscientious, nature-first business. Based in the northwestern Piedmont region, the family-run Le Querce now specializes in all things bee-related, from honey to pollen, royal jelly, and incredible sweets. They run the company according to practices that reflect their love and respect for nature: nomadic beekeeping, organic production methods, and honoring and protecting the biodiversity of their home. They work with like-minded farmers across the country to source single-varietal honeys that showcase the incredible breadth of flavors in the Italian countryside.
Honey pollen has a sharp floral flavor and slightly sweet taste, with a meltingly crisp-yet-soft texture. Enjoy it sprinkled over yogurt, smoothie bowls, or granola. It provides an elegant sweet note when paired with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on pizza or focaccia. Some variety in color and shape of the grains is natural, depending on the flowers from which the pollen is harvested.
Organic honey pollen