L'Imperatore Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As powerful as its name suggests, this olive oil from Sicily has three times more healthy polyphenols than other oils, giving it a potent, herbaceous flavor.

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Bono’s L’Imperatore (“The Emperor”) is just as powerful as the name might suggest. With strong green notes of radicchio and pepper, this oil strikes just the right balance of bitter and smooth. This dark golden oil is made from the coratina olive, a variety that is grown throughout southern Italy. L’Imperatore’s intense flavor comes from an unusually high antioxidant profile, with more than three times the levels of healthy polyphenols of other olive oils. So go ahead and use it as a finishing touch everywhere! This gold medal-winning single-varietal oil is a true expression of Bono’s art and passion for all things olive oil.

The Bono family are third-generation olive oil makers who have been perfecting their art in the coastal Sicilian town of Sciacca for more than 80 years. The largest olive oil producer in Sicily, Bono works with more than 300 family farms in the area to hand-pick only the best olives. The sun-drenched southern hills that produce these olives are considered some of the best in Italy, and Bono’s mission is to make oils that express that special terroir. With a focus on transparency, every bottle can be traced directly to the fields where the olives were grown. Simply put, their olive oils are a pure expression of Sicilian sunshine.
This olive oil has a potent flavor, with notes of chicory, radicchio, Tuscan kale, green pepper, and bitter almonds. Its bright herbaceousness pairs well with rich, decadent flavors both sweet and savory. Try it with lamb roasted with rosemary and garlic or any hearty meat dish, especially roasted, braised, and grilled preparations. Let its dynamic flavor shine in a basic focaccia recipe or on crostini with pancetta or lardo. For a decadently grown-up dessert, drizzle this oil over vanilla gelato and sprinkle with crunchy sea salt.
Size: 17 oz
Extra virgin olive oil