Agrimontana Lemon Marmalade With Lemon Peels, 12.3 oz


Agrimontana are dedicated to creating clean products using traditional methods, without colourants, preservatives or added flavorings. This versatile lemon marmalade is no exception, with pure chopped fruit, sugar cane and lemon juice. This marmalade can be used on a variety of foods – from simple applications to a spread on scones or toast, topped on gelato or yogurt, to more exciting culinary ventures such as a chicken marinade or a bright glaze on a fruit tart. However you use it, it will add a bit of Italian sunshine to your dish.


-12.34 oz



Ingredients: Lemon pulp, lemon peel, sugar


Flavor: Mild, sweet, slightly bitter and balanced lemon flavor


Uses: Use any way you’d use a high quality jam: on toast, stirred into yogurt, on crostini with whipped ricotta, or as a cheese plate addition. Also delicious used in marinades for chicken, pork or seafood.


Refrigerate after opening

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