Lazzaroni Amaretti In Retro Tin, 7.4 oz


Lazzaroni are the makers of amaretti cookies, a traditional treat from the town of Saronno that dates back to the Renaissance. The Lazzaroni family have been making these since 1888. Wrapped in pairs in colorful tissue paper twists, the little cookies are chewy, light, and crisp -and naturally gluten-free! Made with almond-scented apricot kernels, which give a pleasantly bitter edge to the sweet, airy treats, they’re the perfect accompaniment to a mid-day espresso break or crumbled on ice cream. This beautiful tin depicts a whimsical retro scene of Italy, inspired by the historical archives of Lazzaroni’s packaging from decades past.


-7.4 oz


Ingredients: Sugar, apricot kernels (19%), egg white.

May contains traces of nuts. Store in a cool dry place.

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