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Italian Pine Nuts

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Tuscany's diverse natural landscape makes it an ideal location for producing amazing flavors and products. From the rugged Apennine Mountains to the island of Elba’s beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea to Chianti’s olive groves and vineyards, this region in central Italy is truly breathtaking. With a long history as a center of art and architecture, Tuscany was the “cradle of the Renaissance,” home to Michelangelo, Botticelli, and countless other innovators.

Tuscan artistry isn’t limited to painters and sculptors. Thanks to some local ancient breeds and one dedicated practitioner, Tuscan butchery is world-renowned. In the small hilltop town of Panzano, Dario Cecchini runs his family’s butcher shop, which has been in operation for more than 250 years. His education and passion for the traditional ways of Tuscan butchery and cooking have earned him international acclaim, and he’s been the subject of numerous TV shows and books. Local Chianina cows are celebrated in the Florence favorite bistecca alla Fiorentina, while Cinta Senese pigs are used for finocchiona salami or porchetta. Full-flavored condiments like Tuscan mostarda are also typical to complement the rich meat.

The gently rolling hills of Tuscany’s wine country are perhaps its most iconic scenery, dotted with rustic villas and sun-warmed vineyards. In addition to Chianti, full-bodied red wines such as Montepulciano and Montalcino are produced here. And where grapes grow, olives also thrive! Tuscan olive oils are known for their gentle bitterness and green, herbal flavors—full-bodied without overwhelming the palate. One of the region’s most famous dishes gives olive oil the spotlight: fettunta is local pane Toscano (bread) simply toasted over a wood fire and drizzled with fresh-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, then rubbed lightly with a garlic clove.

Enjoy a Tuscan feast for the senses with these condiments, olive oils, and much more from some of the region’s best artisans, all delivered right to your door.