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Cookies D'Italia Box

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Soft Amaretti Cookies in Rome Tin

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Italians couldn’t have perfected the art of la dolce vita (“the sweet life”) without the sweets! From exquisite candies and chocolates to cookies and more, the Italian art of making sweets has been perfected over millennia. For dessert, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a decadent breakfast, there’s a world of Italian sweets to be explored.

It seems like there’s a charming story to go with every Italian recipe, and nowhere is that more true than its cookies. Take almond-scented amaretti, whose origin is traced to a poor couple in medieval Lombardy hoping to make a good impression on a visiting noble. Or the charmingly named Baci di dama (“lady’s kiss”), so called because the sandwich cookies “kiss” over a layer of creamy chocolate.

You’ll find a million uses for our top-quality pastes and spreads. Make your own gelato, stir them into yogurt or dollop it on toast—or just eat them with a spoon! Pair with honey for a sweet spread, or get creative with your cheese board or antipasti. These products are shortcuts to rich, nutty flavor in a snap, no matter where you use them. They’re all sourced from artisans across Italy who take pride in bringing their local specialties and regional delicacies to you.

And how could we forget the chocolates and other treats made with cacao? Ever since cacao beans were brought to Europe from the Americas in the 16th century, Italian chocolate makers have been refining their craft. Today, those centuries of tradition give us sophisticated dark chocolate, crowd-pleasing gianduja, and everything in between.

Our wide selection of artisan Italian sweets makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Treat yourself or someone you love with some dolce vita delivered right to their door.