Gran Riserva Classic Aged Carnaroli Rice

Riso Buono
This ultra-premium “king of Italian rice” is the chef’s choice for perfectly creamy, toothsome risottos.

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Often called the "king of Italian rice," Carnaroli from Riso Buono is the risotto variety of choice for cooks in the know. With a higher starch content and firmer texture than the arborio you may see at the grocery store, this rice makes an ultra-creamy, restaurant-quality risotto that's almost impossible to overcook.

Riso Buono’s “gran riserva” rice is aged for a year after harvest before it’s processed and sold. An ancient technique used by farmers in the region for centuries, aging changes the physical and chemical properties of the rice, allowing it to reach its highest potential. Aged rice is more nutritionally dense, retaining more minerals essential to the human body, such as iron and manganese. (The latter is essential to creating collagen in the skin—could risotto be an Italian beauty secret?) It also absorbs more water as it cooks, making the grains bigger, firmer, and more flavorful.

Stored in a beautiful glass jar, this ultra-premium rice makes a great gift for the chef in your life—or a fantastic way to treat yourself. After it’s empty, do as the Italians do and reuse the container to hold utensils or refill it with rice or other grains.

Piedmont shares a border with France and Switzerland in the northwest of Italy. It’s a region renowned for its agricultural bounty, home to decadent specialties, including white truffles, Barolo, and exceptional rice. Riso Buono's rice has been grown on an estate in the business since the 1600s. They are dedicated to preserving the beauty of their home and producing top-quality rice while honoring the land and its past.

Once you’ve made risotto with this rice, you’ll never look back. With its creamy yet firm texture, every grain stays distinct while creating a rich finished dish. It’s how risotto is supposed to be. This rice will elevate any risotto recipe, but to honor its Piedmont roots in a truly decadent way, finish a simple cheesy risotto with a drizzle of white truffle-infused olive oil.
Size: 2.1 lbs
Carnaroli rice