Lavender Honey

With a floral perfume, this monofloral honey sings of lavender fields in summer.

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Elegant and floral, this lavender honey from Brezzo is a crowd-pleasing favorite. Harvested in the July heat from a territory that reaches across Liguria and into the famous lavender fields of Provence, this honey has an unmistakable aroma of those evocative flowers. In addition to that gorgeous floral scent, it has fruity notes reminiscent of passion fruit and ripe fig. It’s minimally processed to deliver nothing but pure honey flavor, with no artificial intervention or additives.

While we may think of honey as one basic flavor, monofloral honeys like this one from Brezzo showcase a wide spectrum of flavors, each as unique as the flower it comes from. Honeys can range in color, texture, and flavor, from pale yellow, delicate, and floral to dark, toasty, and even spicy—all in addition to sweet, of course!

For more than 50 years, the bee experts at Brezzo have dedicated themselves not only to delicious honey products, but to being good stewards of their land and its history. Based in Roero, in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, the third-generation members of the Brezzo family continue their grandfather’s legacy of care for the scenic beauty of the northern Piedmont hillside. Brezzo is one of the first companies in Italy to practice nomadism, gently moving their beehives from place to place in search of the best flowers and pollen to craft delicious honeys with a true sense of terroir. Today, they produce a wide range of monofloral honeys, sweets, fruit preserves, and other garden products with the same artisan care they’ve practiced for decades.

This pure, natural honey is not processed or heat-treated to protect its gentle flavor and healthy enzymes. As a result, it arrives crystallized thanks to its higher concentration of natural glucose sugars. If you prefer a more liquid honey, simply heat gently before using.

This lavender honey is delicate and floral with fruity notes reminiscent of passion fruit and ripe fig. It’s well-suited to baking, especially with whole wheat flour. On cheese plates, it pairs beautifully with fresh cheeses like ricotta or a creamy goat cheese.
Size: 8.8 oz
100% Lavender Honey

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