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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Say Ti Amo With These Italian Valentine's Day Dinners

09 February 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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What better way to say "I love you" than with a perfect homemade Italian dinner on Valentine's Day?

A Valentine's Day dinner has to be just right - nothing too fussy to stress you out, nothing too filling to weigh you down, something more special than your everyday fare... luckily, we did the thinking and planning for you! These are our favorite Italian Valentine's Day dinners for a meal that hits all those notes just perfectly.
Italian Valentine's Day Dinners

Lobster Fra Diavolo

Perhaps our top contender, this dish checks all the boxes - it stars lobster, it brings on the heat, and the presentation is totally beautiful. (Feeling like a splurge? You can up the amount of lobster, too!)

Italian Valentine's Day Dinners

Slow Cooker Short Rib Ragu

If you want your loved one to walk into the kitchen and be met with an incredible aroma of delicious food simmering away, pick this one! Additionally, you can do all the prep work way ahead of time - the perfect stress-less dinner.

Heart-Shaped Cheese Ravioli

Cheesy in more ways than one, these ravioli are completely perfect for the holiday. Enveloped in a silky creamy tomato sauce and filled with delicious Italian cheese, you can't go wrong.

steak involtini

Steak Involtini

A little more fun to present than regular steak! Serve up these rolled-and-stuffed thin slices of steak for an impressive presentation, and an absolutely delicious dinner. (Bonus: thin cuts of steak are much more cost-effective, so you'll get bang for your buck with this one!)

Two Tips For Making Perfect Risotto

Lemon Risotto With Shrimp

Risotto is one of those dishes that carries a misconception of being hard to make, but it's actually incredibly easy - you just have to do a bit of stirring! For a dish that looks this gourmet, it's so simple to whip up.


Spinach Gnudi

For a vegetarian option, nothing evokes romance like the concept of dining on the Tuscan countryside - which is where this dish originates! Imagine gnudi as halfway between a pillowy gnocchi and the cheesy filling of a ravioli. Plus, "gnudi" translates to "naked" in Italian - you're on your own with that fun fact!

Filet Mignon With Goat Cheese

Filet mignon is already an elegant choice for any occasion, but these simple additions take it to the next level. Glazy balsamic and tangy goat cheese make this dish feel absolutely gourmet.


frutti di mare

Frutti Di Mare

For the seafood-lover! This dish is a classic on the island of Capri, so be sure to finish the meal with a shot of limoncello and a slice of torta caprese!

giada's pasta alla vodka

Pasta Alla Vodka

This easy pasta is another vegetarian option that always impresses - who doesn't love creamy pasta alla vodka? Our tip is to use the best quality pasta you can find - if you happen to already have some of our Giadzy pasta on hand, use it! It makes a huge difference for such a simple dish.

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Got a steak-lover in our midst? You can't go wrong with this impressive Tuscan specialty. Char some lemon halves and decorate a board or platter with sprigs of herbs for an extra special presentation.

Italian Valentine's Day Dinners

Grilled Seafood Platter With Mustard Butter

If it's grilling weather where you live, take advantage with this beautiful dinner! This + prosecco = an incredible dinner.


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