Hot Chocolate Mix

Guido Gobino
An absolutely decadent chocolate experience awaits in every cup of this award-winning dense, dark hot chocolate.

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Winner of a best hot chocolate award from the London Academy of Chocolate, this hot chocolate powder from Guido Gobino is pure decadence. A second-generation master chocolatier based in the Piedmont region, known as the chocolate capital of Italy, Guido Gobino is considered one of the most talented artisans in the country. Take one sip of this rich, dark drinking chocolate, so dense it’s almost like a chocolate pudding, and you’ll agree: This is the real deal when it comes to chocolate flavor.

This hot chocolate powder is pre-sweetened with Italian sugar, cocoa powder, and ground dark chocolate for a well-rounded, intense chocolate flavor. Guido Gobino carefully sources their raw cacao beans from Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and Tanzania. The beans are roasted and processed in their own facility for total control over the finished product, and each batch is calibrated to enhance the unique aromatic qualities of those particular beans. The result is an intensely complex flavor that goes beyond simply “chocolatey,” with beautifully fruity, earthy notes.

In 1964, Giuseppe Gobino took his experience as a cocoa refiner to the candy business, establishing an artisan chocolate shop in Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region. Today, his son Guido carries on his legacy of excellence. Aside from the chocolate, every ingredient in their products is purely Italian. Hazelnuts are sourced directly from local farmers and roasted in-house. Milk comes from Piedmontese dairy farmers, and even the sugar is from Italian beets. Every step of the chocolate-making process is managed by hand to ensure the highest quality in every bite.

For a dense, deliciously dark cup of the richest hot chocolate you’ve ever had, combine 35 grams of this powder in a saucepan with ½ cup of milk. Heat at a low temperature, stirring constantly, until it begins to bubble. Enjoy immediately.
Size: 8.8 oz
Cocoa, cane sugar, and cocoa powder.

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